July 26, 2023

Why You Should Install Screen Doors Before Summer’s Out

As Canada’s #1 mobile screening service with an elite team and professional approach to the craft, we feel qualified to write on this topic; most notably regarding the fluctuating summer season across the country. We’ve previously talked about why screen doors are important in general, and there really are many, many reasons for this. Reaching the end of the short summer season, let’s dive deeper into the topic. 


Improved Ventilation

Having four seasons in Canada can be a blessing and a curse. We must take extra care and precaution when it comes to our homes and living spaces. Screen doors provide extra ventilation, allowing fresh air in and stale air out, which is a big deal for the humid summer season here in many Canadian cities and areas. 


Fewer contaminants

Ventilated doors ensure airflow while reducing air pollutants and odors without large debris entry. We may not always see the dirt in our air, and recently with exposure to poor air quality in many cities across Canada, this has become a rising concern among homeowners. You want your house to be safe from any pollutants outside. But with the summer heat, who doesn’t want some warm air circulating to freshen up the space? Durable materials do a good job at ensuring fewer contaminants enter your home. 


Keeping Out The Bugs

In addition to pollutants and the possible poor air quality certain regions experience in the summer, insects and bugs are another big issue for some. With recent news of the West Nile virus detected in Toronto mosquitoes, we like to emphasize even further the importance of ventilated doors. Although not a high concern for now, The Toronto Star recognizes this mosquito problem as something to look out for this end of summer season. 


Home Security 

Screen doors are essentially shields from many things. They add an extra layer in any entry way, and this may not seem like a big deal at first, but we believe that choosing a screen that is made out of strong, lasting materials can guarantee added security for your home. Children and pets, for example, are kept safely inside, even if the main door is open. The physical barrier makes noise, can include a lock, and will attract the attention of others. In summertime, kids and pets love to be outside. Keep an eye on them while protecting your home at the same time. 


Weather Protection and natural light

As mentioned earlier, in Canada especially, the four seasons implore attention to the shifting weather patterns. We never really know if April will bring about a snow storm, or a heat wave will hit some areas in October! This is why now is the time to install a screen door where it’s needed, as having ultimate weather protection before the change of season is beneficial. Let in some natural light in time for the fall season as well!


Aesthetically Appealing

It’s no secret that the look of a home can dramatically change its value and appeal. Summertime is the perfect time to rethink any design choices! Before the heavy snow comes, consider installing screen or storm doors (we do repairs and installations all year round, of course!)

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