ODL Products

Enhance your home's functionality with our high-end custom modern door screens

Doctor Screen is pleased to announce that we are now partners with ODL, the largest producer of door glass inserts in North America. We sell all their products, which mainly consists of door glass inserts, used for homes, condos and apartments. Today, many condos feature a single door to the balcony and a glass insert. Most of these inserts are fixed, which in turn offer no privacy or ventilation. At Doctor Screen, we will feature door inserts with mini blinds and others that provide a window that opens and has a screen in it.

Both Doctor Screen and ODL are committed to providing you with excellent services and defect-free products. ODL’s quality of door glass construction, combined with our durable, modern door screens will ensure that you live comfortably, securely and with style!


ODL Products

ODL is a company that focuses on quality and innovation. Their main purpose is to build value for businesses by making products that improve every customers home, from providing privacy to adding a beautiful touch to an entryway. They build value through their innovations in materials and manufacturing by constantly doing
research, creating state-of-the-art designs and embracing new technology.
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