October 31, 2019

Why Screen Doors are Necessary For Your Home

One of the most popular accessories you can add to your home is a screen door. Today, there are a variety of options to choose from when considering a suitable screen that will meet your needs. New, innovative technologies have taken over the industry to ensure that all screens are created with the highest standards of durability, versatility and uniqueness. Here’s why investing in a screen door is essential to your home all year round!

Energy Efficiency

An example of a popular screen door currently taking over the industry is the storm door. A storm door is a sliding glass panel that provides an extra layer in front of the entranceway to your home. This helps to reduce air leaks and increase energy efficiency, no matter what time of year it is. A door like this will likely lower your energy bills and decrease energy loss. Screens also work to cool your home down in hot weather conditions, without emitting harmful emissions.

Ventilation Without Bugs

If you don’t have a screen, then it’s probably not a good idea to open your door to let air inside your home. Without a screen, leaving your door open will attract all sorts of bugs, dirt and debris. Screen doors allow you to enjoy natural air, without having to worry about bugs entering the home. Plus, letting the natural air outdoors circulate through your home will improve the overall air quality.


Homes are more secure when they have a screen door protecting the main entrance. There are a variety of durable screens that will make it harder for potential burglars to enter that are usually made with aluminum and stainless steel. Screen doors made with these materials will provide you with another protective barrier.

Increase Home Value

Since screen doors can now be customized and designed in several ways, adding one to your front entrance will likely increased your curb appeal. Plenty of colours and unique designs are available to enhance your home’s exterior. If you ever want to sell your home, this addition can increase the overall value.

Protects Front Door

With all the benefits that come with a screen door, you won’t believe how reasonably priced most of them are. They’re so reasonable, that you might wonder why you haven’t purchased one earlier. A screen door will work to protect your extravagant, expensive front door from dirt and debris that would potentially damage the paint and any glass or windows surrounding the door.

Contact Dr. Screen

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