August 28, 2023

The Latest Screen Door Trends

With the incoming turn of the season, we are now prioritizing anything and everything autumn! This includes looking at the latest and greatest trends for screen door designs. There are many ways to customize your front door, back door, or window panels that can be both fashionable, functional, and protect your home against any critters.


Style and Colour

No need for exclusively the basics if you’re opting for something fun and different. Maximalism is trending just as much as minimalism is. This means colour and unique style choices are bold choices, sure to deliver impressive results! In 2023, popular design options include matching your storm door frame colour to your front door. Another trending choice is to match your screen door to your trim, either way, coordination can be a solid style choice.


Mixing Functionality and Fashion

It is always ideal to make the most use out of your space and additions to the home. In many interior and exterior design trends, we see functionality and fashion mix well together, optimizing everything to best suit your needs and provide efficiency. Retractable screen doors are trending for their energy efficiency and easy-to-use function, avoiding any clunky, outdated look that risks ruining an aesthetically pleasing space. When not in use, retractable doors can also be hidden out of sight.


Screen doors can be double doors, too–double screen doors will surely keep the interior light, bright, fresh and bug free. They open the space up even more with the larger screen-span, especially when they’re part of an entire porch.


Protection Against Critters

As the season cools into autumn, don’t be afraid to keep your window open! With such a wide selection of window screens for your front door, back door, or windows, your home is protected from any critters. With the rise of west nile virus from mosquitoes or even critters like wasps and yellow jackets, window screens are a great way to add protection and style to your home! Despite the fact that these pests are most active during this time of year, you’ll still be able to enjoy the cool air that the autumn offers with screens installed by your local doctors at Doctor Screen!


Reach Out to Doctor Screen

Contact us for any further inspiration and information on designing your next screen door! These trends for the upcoming fall season are sure to last and serve both functionality and style for any home. There are many ways to make screen doors match different aesthetics, from modern to traditional, or from minimalist to maximalist.