April 29, 2020

Why Effective Window Screens are so Important

Homeowners typically don’t put much thought into their window screens. However, window screens aren’t an item to set aside. The right window screen will enhance the quality of life in your home while improving curb appeal and protecting dwellers from dust, dirt and debris found outdoors.

Effective window screens are essential to your home, here’s why!

Keep Bugs Out

Any screen that you invest in will keep bugs out of your home if it’s installed correctly and doesn’t contain any holes. This is the main reason homeowners purchase window screens. Now, you can freely open your window without having to worry about bugs flying in and being a nuisance. You’re going to have extra protection from mosquitos, spiders and flies that leave their disease-ridden footprints on everything!

Protect From Disease

As mentioned, pests, mosquitos, flies and other bugs and insects no longer have the freedom to roam around your home once you invest in window screens. This will prevent society from suffering from diseases related to pests including malaria, West Nile and yellow fever. Though you may think that some window screens impact the look of your home, protection from disease outweighs the importance of appearance.

Keep Out Other Pests

Aside from bugs and insects, screens help guard your home from other pests including raccoons, squirrels, birds and even humans who try to break in. Though these animals aren’t typically considered pests, if they’re let loose in your home, they would be pests and would likely cause problems that could destroy your home.

Curb Appeal

A window screen can look nicer than you think! Having a clean, well-maintained screen will enhance your curb appeal and make a positive first impression on guests or homebuyers if you decide to sell your home. If you decide to sell your home, the outside of your house should look just as presentable as the inside. Well maintained window screens will make your home look clean and nice, making it seem more valuable.

Protection Against Dirt

Window screen maintenance is important since one of the main functions of the screen is to protect your windows from dirt. Instead of taking the time to wash your window screens on a yearly basis, get protection to eliminate dust, debris, dirt and other elements that can make the screens look worn-out.


Properly installed window screens will act as insulators to your home to keep the heat inside during cold winter months and the cool air inside during warm summer months. Although a window screen typically isn’t as strong as the window itself, it still contributes to providing proper insulation. For this reason, it’s crucial to mend all the holes and tears in your window screens so that they’re doing their job.

Deflect Water

A storm window in combination with window screens will help keep the water out of your home on the rainiest and stormiest days of the year. This will protect your home from water damage and mold damage, both of which can typically compromise your health. Screens assist in keeping water and mold at bay.

Other Benefits

Some of the other main benefits of window screens include:

  • Protection against sun damage
  • Durability against wear and tear of pets, hail and other damaging elements
  • Provide a vintage look to your home

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