March 6, 2020

Spring Forward and Check Your Smoke Alarms!

That time of year is fast approaching… and it’s time to spring forward! And with that, the yearly routine to-do list includes checking your smoke alarms. Doctor Screen is introducing our Smoke Detector Inspection & Replacement Service.

Smoke detectors are the first defence against the detrimental results of a fire. There should be one installed on every floor of your home on ceilings or high up on a wall. Place them away from windows or other sources of ventilation to ensure that they work as efficiently as possible.

How to keep your house safe from a fire

Ultimate safety is important, so try and make sure that you’re using interconnected smoke alarms. This way, once one sounds on, they all sound on. If you don’t choose to do this, then you should at least have them installed in each bedroom, outside each bedroom and on every level of the home including the basement.

Other Safety Tips

Several other safety tips include:

  • Clean each unit by vacuuming or dusting
  • Install new batteries on the smoke alarms once per year
  • Refrain from painting a smoke alarm
  • Notify local fire department when your detector sounds

Contact Doctor Screen!

As part of our promotion this Spring, Doctor Screen is introducing our Smoke Detector & Replacement Service. 

Get a free introductory inspection from now to May 1, 2020 when you book a regular screen repair service call. Just mention this or book a service call from the web site or call you local participating Doctor Screen. If you need a replacement detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector, Doctor Screen carries the popular Kidde products recommended by many Fire Department Services. Contact us today!