May 28, 2020

Why You Need a Garage Screen Door for the Summer!

Retractable garage screen doors are commonly used in the summertime as a versatile space that can be turned into a workshop, office or simply just a place to spend time without the inconvenience of bugs and debris. This revolutionary installation is incredibly durable and most commonly made with vinyl-coated fiberglass so that it doesn’t corrode, stain or rust.

Make use of your garage and enjoy all the benefits a retractable garage screen door has to offer! Here are the top reasons to invest in one for the summer.

A Pleasant Breeze

Heat is one of the main factors that make working in the garage unbearable. The humidity clouding throughout the garage makes it an unpleasant environment. Installing a garage screen will work to your benefit by providing a pleasant breeze and allowing proper air flow to create a cooler work environment.

No More Pests, Dirt or Debris

Of course you can open your garage door, even without a screen. However, throughout the summer, keeping your garage door open will bring in insects and mosquitos. With a screen, the air can come in while keeping the bugs out.

Alongside pests, screens will prevent leaves, grass and dirt from entering your garage, ultimately making it a cleaner work environment.

Increased Security

Sometimes, you need to leave your garage door unattended for a brief moment to get something inside. Although this may only take minutes, it can be dangerous to leave your garage unsupervised as someone may come across your home and take the items.

Valuable equipment like lawnmowers, power tools and other equipment are easy to steal. Even more expensive items like motorcycles or cars can be stolen.

With a screen door, you can keep the garage open and feel safer with more security. The screen itself will likely deter thieves who prey on an easy target.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners will often open and close their garage door, even if they’re just making a trip to the backyard for a moment. While this is understandable, homeowners have to remember that opening and closing the garage door uses power, which will then increase your electricity bill. Doing this also adds damage to the motor, springs and other garage door materials.

A garage screen door can be adjusted manually, which means you don’t need to use any power every time you leave the garage and step back inside.


Although your garage is the practical place to park your car, several homeowners use their garage as extra square footage of their home, making it a comfortable place to hang out and complete tasks. A garage screen door will help you keep this space versatile!

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