September 1, 2017

What is a Storm Door?

storm doorA storm door is a second door that is installed for protection against bad weather, and allows for ventilation. Storm doors have screen panels so the main door can be opened to allow ventilation without letting in bugs. Storm doors are available in many sizes and materials.

A high-quality storm door can be a great investment to protect your door from the harsh elements and still let in fresh air when you need it.

Doctor Screen offers Deluxe Storm doors colour matched with Hideaway screens. Full View Storm Doors that don’t block today’s beautiful entry door systems & keep the cold out!

Do I need a storm door?

If you live in an area that is exposed to the elements, a storm door may be the right option. These doors are becoming popular because they provide many benefits to homeowners such as:

Privacy and security: Storm doors can provide you with a better sense of security and privacy. They add an extra layer of security while also bringing a stylish design to your home.

Increased energy-efficiency: Storm doors allow you to have a nice cross-breeze flowing through your home. You can let the fresh air in while keeping everything else out. They also provide extra insulation against air leaks in your home. Storm doors are designed to conserve heat in the winter, while ventilate during the summer.

Protects your door from rain, ice, and snow, sun: Storm doors protect your entry door from all the elements which can increase the lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Additional value: Storm Doors are a useful addition to any home. They are available in a variety of designs and colors and can be installed to match with your existing trim.
Storm Doors help improve both the appearance and function of your home. They are easy to install, require little maintenance, and are long lasting.

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to improve your home and help you save money, then consider having a storm door installed. Doctor Screen can help you find the right doors for your home. Contact us today!

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