September 6, 2017

Pets and Screen Doors

pet doorHaving your pets tear through your screen door can be an expensive problem.
Allow your pets the freedom to come in and out with a Pet Screen Door. By installing a pet screen door, your pets have the freedom to go outside without having to bother you.

The Doctor Screen Pet Screen door is a fast and easy way to turn your existing standard screen door into a pet-friendly door.

The Doctor Screen Pet Screen door

The Doctor Screen Pet Screen door is designed for use with any type of pet. There are 4 sizes and 2 colors to choose from. This screen pet door is made with a rugged frame that houses internal magnets that assist in it maintaining it in the closed position. A heavy density pile brush material also ensure that the pet opening will provide a bug proof seal. Components for this door are easily maintained so that you will never have to replace it.

The pet screen door is installed right into your existing screen door and is a cost-effective solution that gives you pets the freedom to go in and out as they please.

Doctor Screen – Your Number One Source for Pet Screen Doors

If you have a pet that loves to go outside, consider installing a pet screen door. Doctor Screen, brings the mobile screening trailer right to your front door so you will have your screen installed in no time. Call us today and you’ll have a screen door outfitted with the perfect opening for your pet to start enjoying the outdoors.

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