August 10, 2017

Keep The Bugs OUT this Summer!

Keep Bugs OUT
Summertime is the worst time of the year for mosquitoes, bees, flies and other insects. Warm temperatures and the above normal rainfall offers perfect breeding conditions for pests. Due to the amount of rainfall we are getting this summer, it seems almost impossible to keep the insects out. Thankfully, Doctor Screen has a solution for you.

How can you eliminate these bugs from entering your home?

By investing and installing insect screens for your windows and doors, you will greatly reduce your chances of a serious pest infestation this summer. These screens prevent mosquitoes, flies, and spiders from getting inside your house. Although keeping all bugs out feels impossible, the goal is to keep as many bug out as possible.

Selecting the right screen is the first step to keeping the bugs out. Installing a fine mesh screen will prevent even the tiniest insects from entering your home. 
Doctor Screen offers a variety of screen meshes for all your doors and windows. Select the one that best suits your home and insect prevention needs. 

Regularly inspect your screens

It’s important to inspect all insect screens regularly for any tears or holes, and be sure to repair or replace any damaged screens.
We come to you and measure, manufacture and install most products in one visit. Don’t let anymore pests enter your home. Install your screens and keep those annoying pests out. 

Doctor Screen wants you to enjoy the feeling of fresh air without the annoyance of insects this summer. Call us today to install insect screens in your home!