May 27, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Install Window and Door Screens in Your Home

Spring is finally here! And with the promise of warmer weather and budding flowers comes the need to flee the coup after essentially hibernating all winter long. It’s time to open all the windows and let the fresh air in! But before you do, you’d be well advised to have your windows and doors equipped with screens.

Why? Here are a just a few reasons.

1. Keep the Bugs Out

You can’t keep your windows and doors closed at all times. It simply isn’t good for you and your family members to constantly breathe in stale air that hasn’t had a chance to escape after months of being trapped in the home. And while it’s still a good idea to open the windows occasionally even throughout the winter in order to allow some fresh air to circulate throughout the home and allow stale air to escape, the spring is a more inviting time to do so.

But once you do open those windows and doors, one of the first things that will creep into your home are bugs. And while these bugs can be annoying, some can also be dangerous. The last thing you want is to have bees and wasps enter your home, only to risk stinging anyone in their path. Other bugs and insects also carry disease, depending on their type. In order to keep them out while letting fresh air in, having screens installed on your doors and windows can be a huge help.

2. Keep Allergens Out

If anyone in the house is allergic to airborne particles, screens can definitely help. You can still enjoy fresh air while keeping things such as dust and pollen out. These particles are particularly common allergens, and being able to keep them out can be of great help. And if there is any amount of construction going on just outside your property, you can effectively limit the amount of dust and debris that otherwise would make it into your home.

3. Keep Kids and Pets In

If you’ve got small children or pets in the home, you’ll want them to be able to stay safe. There’s no reason why their safety should be compromised in the name of opening the doors and windows, and screens can be the perfect way to have the best of both worlds. By installing screens that come with latches that lock, you can effectively keep the kids and pets from escaping while still enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

4. Keep Burglars Out

While keeping your family and pets safe indoors, you also want to prevent any unwelcome guests in at the same time. It’s never safe to leave windows and doors unlocked, and that goes for screens. Anyone can waltz into a home that’s unlocked, so having screens with locks on them can provide you the benefit of letting fresh air in while keeping shady people out.

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