May 27, 2016

Get Ready for Mosquito Season With Window and Door Screens!

Summer seems to have arrived a bit early this year, after a long and drawn out winter. As people prepare for summer vacations, beach holidays, and more time spent outdoors, many homeowners are also preparing their homes for an infestation of bees and mosquitos which tend to run rampant in our hot and humid summer climate.

After being cooped up inside our homes for months during the winter, summer is the time to let the windows and door open up to the outdoors to enjoy the warmth that summer has to bring. It’s also an opportunity to let in some fresh air, and let out all that stale air that’s been building up throughout the colder months.

But having the windows and doors open all day long can let all those mosquitos, bees, and other insects into the home if you don’t have some form of defense mechanism in place to deter them from entering. That’s where screens come in handy for windows and screens in the summer, and all throughout the year for that matter. With screens outfitted on all of your home’s openings, you can still enjoy the warm air from the outdoors while preventing unwelcome insects from getting in.

Once insects make their way into your home, it can be tough to get them out. And if anyone in your family is allergic, this can be a real problem. Luckily, screen windows and doors can be a real life-saver in this situation.

But not all window and door screens are created equal. While you may be able to find screens at your local home improvement store, they typically only come in standard sizes. That means if any of your openings are not standard dimensions, you’ll have a tough time finding screens that will fit perfectly.

That’s where the experts at Doctor Screen come in handy. With our expertise, we can outfit your window and door openings with screens that are created specifically to fit like a glove.

We will come right to your door, thanks to our handy and convenient mobile service. No longer is there a need for you to visit the home improvement store in hopes of finding a screen that fits. Instead, we will measure your openings, and craft your screens right on site!

Doctor Screen offers the most convenient and affordable window and door screen services. With our track record, you can trust our handiwork and professionalism.

Enjoy the summer season and the warm air that comes with it and outfit your home with window and door screens from Doctor Screen today!