January 27, 2017

Things to Replace on a Resale Home or Cottage

resale home
Are you planning on selling your home or cottage? If so, the first thing you need to do is prepare it for the market. You want to make sure that it’s up to par with what prospective buyers are looking for. Considering all the other properties that are currently for sale, it’s important to ensure your home stands out to get the most interested eyes on it.

Every real estate professional will tell you that any components in the home that are in rough shape should be either repaired or replaced before listing it. Not only will this make the home appear more attractive to buyers, it will also increase its value and bring more money to the table come sale time.

Here are some things that should be replaced on a resale home or cottage:

Chipped Tiles

Nothing screams “dated” more than chipped tiles. Whether they’re on your kitchen floor or your bathroom wall, chipped tiles are unpleasant to look at. It doesn’t take much effort to replace them with new ones. If time and budget permit, consider replacing the entire surface area with all new tiles instead of just replacing individual tiles that are chipped.

Outdated Light Fixtures

If the light fixtures in your home are the ones that originally came with the property when you first bought it, odds are they are out of date. In this case, swapping them with new light fixtures will make an incredible difference on the overall esthetics of your home’s interior.

Non-Functioning Appliances

Appliances are typically included in home purchases and are often a negotiating tool. Prospective buyers probably won’t want to keep the appliances that come with the home if they don’t operate optimally or are eye sores. Consider replacing your appliances with modern models to make your home look more up-to-date and valuable in the eyes of buyers.

Window and Door Screens

Any screens that have dented frames, stretched-out mesh, or holes throughout will appear extremely unattractive. Not only are the visually off-putting, they’re also not functional – and show lack of care.

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