March 5, 2017

HomeAdvisor Acquires HomeStars!

homeadvisor acquires homestars

The operator of the world’s largest home services marketplace – HomeAdvisor – just announced that it has acquired HomeStars, a prominent home services company that links homeowners with trusted service professionals across the country.

With such a merger, there’s little doubt that great things will come, as both companies will learn from each other to provide even more incredible services than they ever had before.

With such an acquisition, HomeAdvisor will have the distinct opportunity to harness its leadership role in North America in the realm of digital marketplaces that are specifically dedicated and designed for connecting homeowners with service providers. Not only will HomeAdvisor continue to grow its reach and worth on domestic soil, the firm will also build its international growth as well.

This move is just the latest that HomeAdvisor has embraced, and mimics the strategy used to successfully grow its market domestically. Now, the company will seek to develop an international brand that will be unrivalled. Home services are positioned to be the next big thing in the marketplace considering the fact that digital information is quickly overshadowing traditional word-of-mouth networking.

Who is HomeStars?

HomeStars was founded by Nancy Peterson in 2006, and since then, it has successfully connected millions of Canadian homeowners with reliable service providers. Homeowners across Canada are pouring an increasing amount of money into their homes, which points to the continued growth in the market for home services. As such, this market continues to be an increasingly lucrative one.

HomeStars is the leader in online communities that help homeowners across Canada join forces with services providers in a variety of niches. With 2 million firms in its database, along with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews, HomeStars makes it easy for homeowners to find a service provider they can trust.

Who is HomeAdvisor?

HomeAdvisor has an impressive track record of building and branding a successful marketplace in the digital world. With such a partnership, HomeStars is certainly poised to benefit greatly. Like HomeStars, HomeAdvisor leads the pack as far as linking up homeowners and top-notch services providers is concerned. This online marketplace offers homeowners everything needed to get a home improvement job done, from providing cost estimates, to checking out reviews, to even booking appointments online.

It’s certainly an exciting time for homeowners in North America, as two powerful teams in the world of home improvement have joined forces to provide the ultimate in service and convenience.