June 28, 2019

Should I Purchase New Window & Door Screens?

Having durable window and door screens is a necessity in order to prevent leaves, debris and insects from entering your home. If you’re not occasionally maintaining your screens, overtime you’ll find that they’re not as effective as they once were. If you need to replace your screens, then summer is the perfect time to do so!

Here are some signs that you should purchase new window and door screens.

Difficult to Operate

Sometimes as your screens get older, they become warped and damaged, making your windows difficult to open and close. When you purchase a screen, the main benefit is being able to open your window on a beautiful day to let the breeze inside your home. When your screens prevent you from doing this, then its obvious that it’s time to get a new one.

Obvious Visible Damage

Are there holes or excessive dirt in your screens? If the answer is yes, then you definitely need a new screen. Not only does this make your house look unattractive, but it also makes your home less secure. Replace your screen with a durable one from Doctor Screen that can withstand weather, insects, dirt and pets with little maintenance!


Your screens are always exposed to harsh weather conditions. Hence, just like every other appliance, overtime they will deteriorate. If you maintain them regularly, they will last longer, however, replacement is unavoidable. You will notice that you need a new screen once they start to look shiny.

Louder Outdoor Noises

Quality window screens typically limit the amount of noise you can hear from inside your home. If you notice that you can hear everything that’s going on outside, then consider purchasing a new screen.

Higher Energy Bills

Window and door screens work to defend the hot sun and harmful UV rays from entering your home. Once it starts getting too hot in your home, double-check if it’s because of your screens! Investing in new, durable screens will minimize your energy bills since you won’t have to rely heavily on air conditioning to keep your home fresh. 

Contact Doctor Screen

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