May 31, 2019

Reasons to Invest in a Retractable Screen Door

Summer is approaching soon, which means you’ll probably want to open the windows and doors in your home to embrace the nice weather! Sometimes relishing in Mother Nature and the beautiful summer weather can be difficult since you won’t want bugs and insects entering your home. That’s why you need to invest in Vista One retractable screen doors.

Single Doorways

If you have only single door openings, then a sliding screen door screen will be impossible to install. Doctor Screen has a solution for you! Vista One retractable screen doors can accommodate single doorways. This is a great alternative to storm doors with screens that may cover your exterior door. The benefit of installing Vista One screens is that they disappear completely out of sight!

Double Doorways

For homeowners with double doorways, we carry Vista One Foldaway retractable screens, which are a one of a kind solution! This Foldaway manual operating pleated screen works on double hinged doors with a single screen. With this product, you can avoid the permanent bar that’s often in the centre of every opening on a screen door. Since the Foldaway has no spring mechanism, it will stay where you leave it as you pass through the opening.

Eliminating the Second Door

Retractable screens eliminate the necessity for a second door in front of the main door. So, if you purchased a beautiful, expensive front door, nothing will be hiding it! That’s why retractable screen doors are a great alternative, as opposed to other screens!

The Best Part…

The biggest advantage to a retractable screen door is the ability to only have it out, when you want it to be out! These screens either Rollaway, or Foldaway into the house, and you won’t even notice it. More people are choosing this screen door model because it’s out of sight. The screens also have subtle bottom rails, which means there’s no cleaning, no tripping and its almost invisible!

Contact Doctor Screen

At Doctor Screen, we only sell the highest quality of Retractable Screens. Vista One screens are well made, well designed, simple to operate and easy to care for. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of this screen, then we will come to your home and ensure a seamless installation!