August 2, 2019

What You Should Look for When Choosing a Security Screen Door

It’s always a smart idea to invest in extra protection for your home. Although no home is entirely safe from potential burglars, you can definitely take action to reinforce security by installing security screen doors. Security screen doors provide your home with a beautiful appearance, plus extra protection from harsh weather conditions, pests and criminals.

Here are some features you should look for when buying security screens!

The Door Frame

Typically, security screen doors are made with aluminum, steel or metal alloy frames. When they’re made with aluminum or metal alloy, the frame is usually thicker so that it’s more durable. Steel is a stronger material than aluminum and metal, so the frames are usually thinner. Customers often prefer aluminum frames over steel ones because they don’t rust, however, if you take the time to maintain the steel frame, it will overcome the rust.

The Security Screen

Most security screens include barrier doors, fly screen doors and sliding screen doors. Customers usually opt for sliding screen doors since they’re often viewed as a secondary barrier to your home. It’s also popular to purchase fly screen doors since the thin security mesh provides exceptional ventilation to the home, while blocking out insects and bugs.

Installation Method

There’s 2 ways to mount and install security screen doors: flush mounted and tube frame mounting. Both methods will certainly do the job at securing your home! The difference is that a flush mounted installation provides your home with a more natural look and a strong seal, with no gap in the opening. Meanwhile, the tube mounting method will make the door stick out at least 1-2 inches away from the door opening.

Insect Protection

When you’re purchasing a security screen door, think about your needs. Ask yourself what exactly you will be protecting your home from. Is it pesky flies, mosquitos, bees? Once you answer this question, it will get you one step closer to choosing the right security screen mesh!

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