April 29, 2019

Retractable Window Screens by Mirage

It’s almost summer, so take a look at your window screens and decide if it’s time for them to be replaced! When the beautiful warm weather finally comes, you’ll likely want to open the windows in your home to let some fresh air inside. This can be hard when your screens aren’t durable anymore and you want to avoid the invasion of insects. If you’re looking for new window screens, consider purchasing Retractable Window Screens by Mirage.

Benefits of Retractable Window Screens by Mirage

Mirage screens are suitable for both in-swing and out-swing casement windows, tilt-out windows and more! We know that people value the view outside their window, that’s why the best part of these screens is the fact that you won’t have a fixed screen to block anything.

Mirage screens remain out of sight when they’re not being used. Plus, they’re extremely durable, with their ability to always keep bugs from entering your home. These screens will save you money as they help reduce your energy cross with natural cross-ventilation cooling.


These screens are very versatile and come in a variety of the latest architectural colours that are in line with home decorating trends and would be aesthetically pleasing on any home! Mirage comes with only high-quality finishes, exceeding the toughest paint standards, making it resistant against UV and salt spray.

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