March 29, 2019

Reasons You Should Invest in a Garage Screen Door

A garage is typically used as a storage space for your car. However, many people don’t realize that it’s a versatile space that can be used in alternate ways. When you decide to use your garage as a work shop, an office or anything other than a parking space, then you should consider investing in a garage screen door. Garage screen doors come with many benefits, plus they’re easy to maneuver. If your garage is used for anything other than your car, then purchasing a screen door is a good idea; here’s why!

Air Circulation

People often enjoy working in their garage, especially in the summertime. After a while though, it may get too hot in there to continue your work. Most garages don’t have air conditioning, so the heat will end up trapped inside. You might think that the simple solution is just to open your garage, but once you do that, you’re going to risk inviting pests, bugs and insects into your garage. Avoid all this by simply investing in a garage screen door. This way, you will get proper air circulation and will be able to comfortable continue your work.

Insects and Bugs

You wouldn’t just leave your front or side door open without having a screen to protect it. The same thing goes for a garage. Again, you don’t want to invite pests into your space. With a screen, you can avoid the pests while still getting the cool air you need!

Improved Security

Imagine you’re working outside and you forgot something inside the house. Leaving your garage door open unattended, even for a few minutes, can be unsafe. With a garage screen door, you can keep the garage open for a short time while you’re gone, without panicking that someone might steal your belongings.

Energy Efficient

Using a screen door for your garage eliminates the need to install an air conditioning systems in the space, or incorporate the use of multiple fans. Garage screen doors allow you to benefit from the air outside, ultimately saving energy and reducing seasonal cooling costs.


If it’s windy outside and you open your garage door, the breeze may blow dirt, pollen, dust or debris into your space. With a garage screen door, you can avoid a messy garage and save yourself some time from cleaning!

Contact Doctor Screen

Spring is here, which means Summer is just around the corner! For those who use their garage space as an office or work shop, start preparing your space now and invest in a garage screen door. If you’re interested, then call Doctor Screen to learn more about your options!