March 15, 2017

Your Storm Door Buying Guide

storm door

Have you ever considered installing storm doors in your home? They truly are valuable components of a home and are effective at blocking drafts from entering your house in the winter, which in turn helps to reduce energy loss. They also help to protect the main door from damage, and the models that are currently available can enhance the look of your entrance.

There are plenty of variations to choose from, including those with glass panels that can be swapped for screen panels in the summer to allow outdoor air in.

If you’re unsure about the type of screen and storm door to choose, read through the following guide to help you..

Size and Configuration

Standard door widths include 30, 32, 34, and 36 inches. It’s important to measure your door width before you choose a storm door to install and ensure that it fits properly. Instead of measuring the door itself, you must measure the door’s opening between door jambs.

Most storm doors are sold in pre-hung units that can be hinged on either side. Double-door kits are also available. They are rather simple to install onto existing door jambs.

If your door width is not of a standard size, your best bet is to enlist the services of professional screen and storm door suppliers and installers like Doctor Screen, who can custom-make your storm door to ensure a perfect fit.

Combination Screen and Storm Doors

These combination doors offer something for all seasons. In the winter, you’ll be able to effectively keep the wind out and protect your door from harsh weather conditions, and in the summer, you’ll be able to take advantage of outdoor air without allowing any insects in at the same time.

Combination storm and screen doors are typically constructed of metal or vinyl. In particularly harsh climates, a screen door can be installed in the summer that can be switched with a glass storm door in the winter.

In addition to blocking drafts and minimizing energy loss, storm doors also add a level of security.

These doors can either have an upper glass panel and lower metal panel with a crossbar in between, or two glass panels. Screen doors can also come with an upper screen panel and lower metal panel.

Storm and screen doors close smoothly thanks to hydraulic or pneumatic closers. They can also feature springs and chain stops to prevent them from slamming or being opened with too much force.

Not only are screen and storm doors very practical, they’re also attractive and can add a great level of curb appeal to a home. Today’s storm doors have evolved over the years, and are no longer strictly functional in nature. The styles that are currently available provide just as much aesthetic appeal as any other component of a home’s exterior.

Screws are no longer visible and materials are much more sophisticated. Today, you can get your hands on aesthetically appealing, strong storm and screen doors that come with attractive hardware, deadbolt locks, and decorated glass panels to suit your tastes.

Call Doctor Screen to Help Make Your Decision!

Sometimes it helps to have the guidance of a professional to help you make the right buying decision, as is the case with storm and screen doors. Doctor Screen has been installing storm and screen doors for years and has the skill and know-how to help make the right choice for your home. And the best part? We come right to you thanks to our mobile screening trailers!

Call your local Doctor Screen distributor today to help you choose the perfect screen and storm door for your home!