May 2, 2017

Your Guide to French Doors For Your Home

French doors have long been popular in homes, especially for those that have a patio. They provide an excellent way to ensure a high degree of function in your home while maintaining a level of elegance at the same time.

French doors are typically designed with glass panes that are separated into different sections and offer a sophisticated division from one space to another. If you are considering having French doors installed in your home, your best bet is to hire professional services that are experienced and skilled at such installations. Here are a few things you should know about the installation of French doors so you know what to expect from your installers.

French Door Installation

In order to ramp up the security level of your French doors, be sure to choose a model that features a three-point locking system. This type of system can boost the security in your home and prevent the doors from opening during inclement weather conditions.

Screening French Doors

In addition to installing French doors, you can take things a step further and install screens along with them. This will provide you with the added option of leaving your doors open while allowing fresh air to come in and preventing bugs from intruding. While you have options, perhaps one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your screen is to have a retractable model installed. These types of screens roll or fold away completely out of sight into their own housing, then can be rolled or folded back into place when required.

Retractable screens offer a level of versatility that can’t be matched. They’re especially useful if you do not have a double-door entry that may not allow for sliding screen doors. Both functional and stylish, retractable screens allow the air and the sunshine in to allow for maximum natural ventilation.

Cleaning French Doors

In order to keep up the curb appeal of your home, keep your French doors clean and in good condition after they’ve been installed. Cleaning the glass panes and frames should be simple enough by using a cleaning solution that can be purchased from any local home improvement store; however, this may leave streaks behind. To obtain a better result, use a bucket of soapy water and a squeegee which will leave a clean, shiny surface.

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