May 26, 2017

Is Ventilation a Challenge? Replace Your Glass Panel With a Vented Glass Insert!

vented glass insert

It’s not difficult to understand the importance of proper ventilation in a home. Not only does it make the interior much more comfortable to be in, it also helps to improve the quality of the indoor air.

That’s why it’s important to open your windows for a few hours throughout the week in order to allow all that stale indoor air out, while letting fresh outdoor air in. Yet while that’s very helpful, leaving the windows and doors open will also allow other things besides air to come in, including dust, insects, and other unwanted guests.

The perfect way to counter this issue is to have screens installed in all window and exterior doorways. That way you have the ability to leave your windows and doors open to allow for proper ventilation while preventing any nuisances from entering.

But what about single-entry doorways? Obviously, those don’t allow for double sliding screen doors, so what options do you have in this situation?

Vented Glass Panels – Your Solution For Single-Entry Doors

This is a common issue in newer condo units that have single entry doors with no screens in place of traditional sliding patio doors. Luckily, there’s an innovative solution to this problem – vented glass inserts!

Rather than being stuck with a conventional glass insert on your single-entry door, you can replace it with an insert that actually ventilates! These innovative vented glass inserts provide positive air flow into a home without leaving the door open. These glass inserts fit neatly inside the frame pocket of the door and provide both esthetic appeal and functional ventilation. They’re easy to clean and are rigid enough to last.

With vented glass inserts, you’ll immediately notice an increase in comfort and energy efficiency, not to mention curb appeal. Whether you are looking to replace the glass insert in your front entry door or your patio doors, vented glass panels are the best way to go to boost ventilation in situations where a screen door is not feasible or even possible.

Call your local Doctor Screen distributor today to have your home’s traditional glass panels replaced with vented glass inserts and enjoy the ultimate in ventilation!