February 28, 2022

Doctor Screen Has Come to Victoria, British Columbia

Our newest mobile distributor/Doctor has come to the Victoria, British Columbia area! This means Doctor Screen can provide quick and reliable screen repairs and installations right at your home if you live in and around cities like Nanaimo, north of Campbell River, and just off the island in Powell River. This is due to our mobile screen services that allow our Doctors to come to you!

What the Victoria Doctors Provide

The Victoria Doctors provide mobile screen repair and installation services through customized screening trailers for those living in and around the island area. Not sure if your address applies to this area? No worries! You can contact our distributor here to find out.

Our Victoria Doctors provide the best in quality screening products and services. We come to you to provide mobile screen repair on-site, measuring, manufacturing, and installing most products in just one visit. That’s right, we’ve made it 10x easier for those living on or just off the island to get convenient screen services! You’ll no longer have to do it all yourself!

Our On-Site Professional

We want to welcome Don Shand as our newest Doctor and distributor for Victoria and the surrounding areas. If you’re living in this area of BC, give Don a call at 250-204-4884 or contact him using our Customer Contact Form found here. We look forward to serving the Victoria area, coming to your homes, cottages, RVs, or boats to repair, replace, and install your screens!

We’re Growing Across Canada

Doctor Screen continues to grow throughout Canada and is continuously working on serving the entire country to become the country’s #1 mobile screening service! All of our Doctors offer the best quality screening products and services right to your door with our mobile trailers. It’s really that easy to have your screen repairs and installations done!

Become a Doctor

In order to reach our goal of becoming the nation’s #1 mobile screening service, we need more Doctors! We are always looking for new distributors across the country to serve areas that aren’t yet included on our list. If you’re looking to join our team and become a Doctor in your area, we encourage you to apply!

As the head Doctor, you would be the distributor for a designated local area. You would be the head contact, helping out anyone nearby who needs screen repairs and replacements nearby. Our repair services are mobile, so you’d be on the move daily, not sitting at a desk all day. If this sounds like the type of work for you, fill out our questionnaire here

Contact The Doctors Today!

Give our Victoria distributor a call today so we can address your screen issues! We get your repairs and replacements right the first time – quickly, efficiently, and safely with all the sanitary protocols in place. Yes, that means we’re still doing house calls! 

We look forward to hearing from those in the Vancouver Island area and cannot wait to help you all with your screen needs!