March 24, 2022

Professional Screen Installations Compared to DIY

So, you just got some new screen doors and windows and you’re debating whether you should install them yourself or hire a professional, aren’t you? Well, let us make your decision easier by explaining the four main reasons why hiring a professional is the ideal choice! Just think, most homeowners choose professionals for plumbing, electrical, roofing, and other maintenance jobs, so why should screens be any different? Let’s get into it!

Guarantees the Right Fit

Hiring a professional like the Doctors means the new screens you just purchased are guaranteed to fit. Plus, with our mobile screen services, we come right to your home and custom-fit your screens. That means no waiting periods to get your screen installed! Just give the Doctors a time and place, and we’ll be there to get your screens installed correctly in no time! If you choose to do it yourself, you risk running into fitting problems, which can be a pain for everyone involved. We have all the tools – simply leave it to us!

Keeps Frames in Pristine Condition

Screen frames can be very fragile items, and professionals know how to handle them with complete care. Some homeowners may want their screens to fit so badly that they’ll try jamming or maneuvering them in ways that could bend and damage the screen and its frame. Once you get it to fit, the frame could be warped and make your new screens look older than they really are. The Doctors have installed thousands of screens across Canada – we know how to fit them into any window or door frame correctly without any damage. If you want to get the most out of your screen, call the Doctors!

Provides Upgraded Features

When you install screen windows or doors yourself, you lose out on the many upgrades and features you could get with a screen. Most people install basic screens, but there are so many alternatives you could invest in for your home! At Doctor Screen, we provide solar screens, patio shades, sliding screen doors, glass inserts, and many other quality products. These advanced products function best with a professional’s help, so you’d miss out on upgrades that could benefit you and your home if you install yourself. These types of products really add to your home’s curb appeal when a professional is by your side!

Adds to Your Investment

A professional screen installation only adds to the investment you already made. As we mentioned earlier, you could bend your screen frames or, even worse, rip your new screens trying to install them yourself. Imagine the money wasted if something happens to your screen or if it isn’t installed correctly? You invest in quality screens to not only make sure they work properly but to add to your home’s curb appeal. Professionals will make your screens look flawless, adding to your already-made investment.

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