January 29, 2022

Why New Screens Are the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Are you looking for a gift to give your loved ones on their birthdays, appreciation holidays, weddings, or any other special occasion? Well, look no further cause the Doctors have you covered!

Screen windows and doors may seem like unconventional gifts, but trust us, your family and friends will be loving their new screens and appreciating you for such an extraordinary gift! Still not convinced? Keep ready to find out why screens really make the perfect gift!

Perfect for Any Season

Screens are a useful gift for any time of year! Most people think they are a seasonal gift, but you can certainly buy screens for someone at Christmas as much as you can for Mother’s Day! They are useful throughout all seasons, even winter! Don’t believe us? Check out last month’s blog here, where we discuss what experts are saying about opening your windows in winter! 

It’s a Thoughtful Gesture

If you really want to get someone something special that’s outside of the typical, then a screen could be your best option! And we know a new screen window or door might seem like an odd gift, but it is definitely a thoughtful and grand gesture. Plus, Doctor Screen will install the screen as well, so not only did you get them a brand-new screen, but they don’t have to lift a finger to get it installed – talk about thoughtful!

They May Need a New Screen

Screen doors are definitely not a gift you would ever think of giving someone, but sometimes the best gifts are the ones people need! Often people forget about their screens and sometimes go years and years without replacing them. But did you know it’s unhealthy to keep old screens on your windows and doors? Over time, screens build up dust and debris as they are essentially a filtration system, and just like any filtration system, they need to get changed after some time. Many people may not be aware of this and gifting them a new screen can bring that awareness. 

Shop Our Products

Doctor Screen is partnered with ODL, Home Depot, and Mirage to bring our customers the best screens, doors, and other door & window-related products. Check out what each company has to offer, and be sure to visit our website to shop these useful products!


ODL is the largest producer of door glass inserts in North America, focusing on quality and innovation! They are constantly researching, designing, and embracing new technology to improve every customer’s home and entryways. 

Doctor Screen sells all of ODL’s products. They focus on glass door inserts used in homes, cottages, condos, and apartments! Your loved ones will not believe the difference a stylish glass insert can make to their doors. You can guarantee your gift will be elegant and beautiful when purchasing ODL products!

Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the leading home improvement retailers in Canada! Their goal is to help customers create and maintain the home of their dreams. Doctor Screen couldn’t be more in line with these goals as we always deliver high-quality products and services to homeowners Canada-wide!

Doctor Screen installs Andersen Storm Doors, Glass Panel Inserts, Retractable Screens, and Yale Locks from Home Depot. Order any of these as gifts, and the Doctors can install them right on-site, wherever they live! 

Mirage Screen Systems Inc. 

Mirage Screen Systems Inc. makes retractable window screens and screen doors, providing top-quality screening systems for doors, windows, and large openings. Retractable screens are so handy, allowing homeowners to keep large doorways open without any bugs or debris entering. Plus, you can open and close retractable screens with ease, making them convenient and practical. What a gift!

Call the Doctors Today!

Call the experts at Doctor Screen today to get your screens installed for your friends and family on any occasion – they deserve it!

Doctor Screen will come to your home or business to provide you with mobile screen installation and repair through our customized screening trailers. With our mobile service, we can customize hard-to-fit screens on-site. All of your screens are guaranteed to be secured nicely!