October 28, 2021

Why You Should Check Your Smoke Detectors in Fall

Smoke alarms are crucial devices in your home. You may never even notice they’re there, but they play a crucial role in saving lives in case of a fire. So, you want to make sure these life-saving devices are functioning well by replacing dead batteries or damaged devices as soon and often as possible.

Why Checking Your Smoke Detectors Is Important?

Most people don’t think twice about their smoke alarms because they never go off, but in reality, they could save you and your family’s life. It’s possible for batteries in smoke detectors to die, have an old device, or one that malfunctions. You don’t want to take chances, so always check your smoke detectors regularly, replacing batteries once a year and replacing devices every 10 years.

Why is Fall the Best Time to Check and replace Smoke Detectors?

Fall is the perfect time to check your smoke alarms because you already have a fall to-do list, so might as well add this one to it! Getting a professional like Doctor Screen to check your alarms guarantees your safety and gives you peace of mind. An easy way to remember to check your smoke alarms during this season is as soon as you go out to rake the leaves, corollate that to checking your smoke detectors or calling Doctor Screen. Since we rake quite a few times in the fall, you’re bound to remember one of those times!

Where Should Smoke Detectors Be Installed?

Smoke detectors should be installed on every level of your home and in every sleeping area. Install smoke detectors in the centre of ceilings or on walls close to the ceiling. We suggest installing both ionization and photoelectric alarms on all levels. Just don’t install ionization ones near the kitchen because cooking smoke will easily set those off. Have a photoelectric one in the kitchen!

Doctor Screen’s Smoke Detector Inspection & Replacement Services

Doctor Screen now offers smoke detector inspection and replacement services for your peace of mind. Just sit back and leave it to us this fall! Book Your smoke detector inspection and replacement today by calling us toll-free at 1-(844) 723-7888! 

Doctor Screen now has a 2-in-1! The Doctors will now include a free inspection of all smoke detectors anytime we come to your property to fix or replace a screen! Just show the above image to take advantage of this offer.

Call the Doctors Today!

Call the Doctors today to get your smoke detectors or screens checked and replaced. Doctor Screen provides you with mobile screen installation and repairs through our customized screening trailers. With our mobile service, we can customize hard-to-fit screens on-site. All your screens are guaranteed to be secured nicely. Don’t hesitate, call today!