November 25, 2021

Why the Quality of Your Home Screens Matter

When it comes to window and door screens around your home, you’ll want high-quality screens for many reasons that focus on your health, saving money, and their longevity.

Screens are not a household item you should be stingy on, but they shouldn’t break the bank either. You’ll want some high-quality screens that aren’t too far out of your budget, but are still strong screens! If you want more information on which screen material is the best, click here. And to discover the top 3 reasons your screen’s quality matters, then continue reading!


When opening your windows and doors, most people are hoping to ventilate their homes and let the breeze in, keeping the outdoors outside! A screen’s main function is to filter out bugs, dirt, and debris – yes, filter them out! Without rip-free, high-quality screens that filter properly, you won’t be getting ideal ventilation into your home, which can cause dirt and dust to enter. Then, this makes it more difficult for stale air and pollutants to escape your home, leading to improper ventilation. 

Once you’ve purchased your quality screens and had them installed by Doctor Screen, make sure to clean them regularly and get any repairs done by the Doctors to ensure proper ventilation.


Most people think window and door screens are only for keeping bugs and dust out, but did you know they keep the cold out too? That’s right – screens are great insulators! They are very good at preventing heat loss in the winter months, so keep your screens on your windows all year round! We know it’s primarily your windows and doors that keep in the heat, but good quality screens in mint condition do help.

Don’t forget insulation means more money saved! By purchasing higher-quality screens and proper installation services from Doctor Screen, you’ll actually be saving money on your heating bill!


A good quality screen is a durable one. If you ever receive a screen that’s flimsy and thin, return it right away and call the Doctors! Not only will we recommend the best screens possible, but we’ll install your new screens properly for longer use.

Durability matters in the long run. You’ll want a screen that will last and not tear in the first couple of months. Your screens should feel sturdy, made with strong materials like fiberglass. 

We suggest doing your research before purchasing your screens as you would when looking for doors and windows too – their look and function are just as important!

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