June 3, 2024

Why You Need Retractable Screens For Your Backyard

Summer is here and that means time spent outdoors making memories and feasting with family and friends! Retractable screens are a vital consideration for any home’s backyard these days. They’re no longer considered a luxury or specialty accessory due to poor indoor air quality, ease of use, convenience, and protection. It’s no wonder custom retractable screens are gaining in popularity in backyard applications as well!

Consumers seek natural ventilation and an energy-efficient way to keep their homes comfortable and insect-free. Having increased ventilation, an unobstructed view of the backyard and garden, and protection from insects is a game changer for families who love to entertain and spend the warmer seasons enjoying their backyards. 

At Doctor Screen, we offer a wide array of retractable screen options to fit almost any door or opening for your property’s backyard! We love that families get the look and feel of an open door without allowing in pesky intruders as well as enjoy a reduction in their utility costs by saving energy.

Our Doctor Screen experts install retractable screens that are compact and offer an easy and efficient solution to increase ventilation while providing maximum insect protection that traditional screens simply can not compare. Doctor Screen’s partnership with Mirage Screen Systems offers premium screens including motorized options that prove ideal for backyard decks that offer the option of an enclosure. 

Our motorized retractable screens are ideal for outdoor applications including backyards, patio enclosures, garages, and more! They’re also perfect for decorative openings as they don’t cover elegant doors and rather provide fresh air and ventilation. Our Doctor Screen experts will take all the measurements and create onsite custom installations. They’ll deliver the best possible retractable screen options for your backyard space including motorized options to provide you with the perfect answer to your needs.

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At Doctor Screen, we’re confident we can enhance the look and feel of your large door or backyard patio openings with retractable screen solutions that operate smoothly, look modern, utilize premium materials, and are guaranteed to protect you and those you love most from insects and harsh sunlight. At Doctor Screen, we pride ourselves on installing your screens quickly and efficiently from coast to coast across Canada! Contact our screen experts at Doctor Screen today at 1 (844)-723-7888 and we’ll send a Doctor your way!