June 3, 2024

Enhance Curb Appeal: The Role of Screens in Home Exterior Design

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal then we have an easy and affordable idea for your property while providing the comfort and functionality you and your family need. The front of your home has the biggest impact and showcasing your windows and doors can play a vital role in improving your home’s curb appeal. Updating your window screens is a surprisingly easy way to provide a real finished feel to your home while taking your home’s exterior from basic to beautiful. 

A Custom-Tailored Solution

With our Doctor Screen experts, deciding on your new window screens for your home does not have to require a lot of time. Our plethora of options can be customized depending on the material you prefer, the degree of privacy you desire, as well as whether you prefer solar technology! Our Doctor Screen experts have extensive experience in creating a harmonious exterior look and feel for your windows and doors. With new screens, your home will look clean and polished while allowing for privacy as well as providing the energy-efficient benefits you’ll love!

State-of-the-art Materials

Our incredibly experienced screen experts utilize premium materials to provide our customers with the best-quality screens on the market. If you desire more privacy, you will be able to pick your custom degree of shade provided by your screens for a look and feel that is modern and sleek. The screens for your home’s front exterior windows and doors will also be custom-tailored for one-of-a-kind sizes to fit perfectly on any of your windows and doors.

Easy Installation 

Installation for your custom screens is easy, quick, and efficient with our Doctor Screen professionals. To enhance your curb appeal we can repair and/or replace your screens while also providing an option for solar screens. We’ll come with your custom screens ready to be installed to your specific windows and doors’ dimensions while giving your home’s exterior the lift it deserves!

Contact Doctor Screen Today!

While the interior of our home certainly does play a role in making your home comfortable for the whole family, remember to pay special attention to the exterior of your home as it sets the tone for your property’s look and feel! First impressions matter and people are more likely to base their opinion based on the exterior of your home so investing in beautiful new window screens to increase curb appeal is certainly a worthy investment. Our window experts at Doctor Screen are available Coast to Coast across Canada! Call us at 1 (844)-723-7888 and we’ll send a Doctor your way!