September 8, 2022

Why Screens Are Essential During the Summer

With the hot summer weather, you’re probably spending more time outdoors enjoying the sun. Spending endless hours outside under the summer sun is the best way to spend these hot months. But whether you’re hanging out on the front porch, backyard, or patio, certain outdoor elements like pollen and bugs can easily ruin your day. We discuss in this blog why screens are essential for your home during the summer months.


Act As An Air Filter

When spending the day outdoors, you might risk being exposed to pollution and allergens like dirt, dust, and pollen. In Canada, allergy season runs from late April to October. For some people affected by allergens, these particles can cause congestion, sneezing, a runny nose, and many other symptoms.


At Doctor Screen, we install the highest quality screens for your home to help filter any outdoor particles. Each screen is made with superior materials and construction to ensure that these outdoor particles don’t get into your home. With our screens, you’ll be able to breathe easier and not worry about these allergens while enjoying the outdoors.


Enjoy the Night Time Breeze

Nothing beats sitting outdoors and enjoying the peaceful quietness, cool breeze, and night sky during the summer. The only thing that could ruin these kinds of nights are bugs like mosquitos and moths.


Installing a screen in your backyard, porch, or patio, can ensure that you don’t miss out on your yards awesome views or cooling summer night breeze without getting bit by mosquitos or annoyed by moths.


Critter Prevention

Even during the day, a summer breeze might be better than using the AC. Since we’re talking about annoying bugs like mosquitos and moths, screens are definitely useful for preventing any other critters like flies or butterflies from coming into your home. With screens in your home, you can ensure that these critters won’t get in.


Call the Doctors

Doctor Screen will come to your home or business to provide you with mobile screen installation and repair through our customized screening trailers. With our mobile service, we can customize hard-to-fit screens on-site. Need screens for your home? Contact us today to help you treat your window screen needs!