September 27, 2019

What to Look for When Buying a Screen Door

Screen doors are an essential asset to every home! They allow light and air into your home while keeping the bugs and insects out, plus they offer more protection, security and insulation. Before you purchase a screen door, do some research and ensure that you’re making the right decision.

Here are some things you should look for when purchasing a screen door.

There’s a different purpose to every security and screen door

Homeowners often purchase retractable screen doors to keep bugs and insects from entering their home. Some people live in neighbourhoods where they often have to deal with large critters including squirrels or raccoons. Then, there’s families with pets who often scratch at the door and cause damage. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are more durable materials that help secure your home and avoid damage.

There’s several screen doors that will offer varying amounts of light and air into your home. For instance, if you want to completely block out the sunlight, you can choose a fully opaque door. If you’re purchasing the door for more security, then you can have peace of mind by adding an extra, durable layer in front of your entry door.

The Frame

There’s 3 different materials you can choose from for the frame of the screen door:

  1. Wood: Gives your home a more traditional look, more susceptible to damage due to harsh weather conditions and wear and tear.
  2. Metal: Frames made of metal like aluminum are lighter in weight and extremely versatile. You can choose from several styles! Although its more expensive, it’s significantly more durable.

  3. Plastic: Fiberglass or vinyl frames are the most lightweight, however have a shorter lifespan than metal frames and aren’t as versatile. However, this frame is still stunning!

Each door frames can be painted to match the colour scheme of your home. Some screen doors you can choose from include a swinging screen door, retractable screen door and sliding screen doors. Typically, sliding screen doors are used for the backdoor, rather than an entryway.

Choose the best fabric

Screen material is the other most important aspect to consider when purchasing a screen door. The fabric is usually made of plastic, fiberglass or metal fibers such as aluminum and copper. Metal screens are typically more durable than all other materials. Although they’re more expensive, metal screens are most recommended. Plastic and fiberglass screens are also extremely durable and highly recommended; however, they may have a slightly shorter lifespan than metal.


When you think of a screen door, you’re probably thinking of a flimsy material that people can easily break through. However, if one of your main concerns is security, then the screen can be made with heavier, more durable metals. High-quality security screen doors are typically made of materials such as iron or steel. They also come with a high quality dead bolt or key lock. For a more elegant, subtle look, you can choose a screen door with laminated security glass.

Customize Your Screen Door

Screen doors don’t have to be boring! Today, it’s much easier to customize your screen door and give your home a unique appearance. Make your home stand out with a stunning, new door.

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