February 29, 2016

What is the Zika Virus, and How Can You Protect Yourself From it?

zika virus

By now, you’ve likely heard about the Zika virus, which has countries all over the world on edge.

While the virus was initially discovered back in the late 1940s in Uganda, it wasn’t until a few months ago that the virus started to spread wildly, particularly with its outbreak in Brazil. Since then, cases of the Zika have been reported in other countries as people travel, including Asia, Africa, and even now in North America.

The Zika virus is an infection that’s transmitted via a mosquito, and is related to other viruses including yellow fever and the West Nile virus. About one in 5 people who become infected with Zika get sick and display symptoms that are somewhat similar to those associated with the flu.

The most common symptoms include fever, achy joints and muscles, rash, headaches, and conjunctivitis. It could be days before any symptoms become apparent after being bitten from a Zika-infested mosquito. Those who are most vulnerable to becoming very ill include the elderly, young children, and those with a compromised immune system.

With more and more countries coming forward and reporting cases of the Zika virus, it becomes more important than ever to protect against the spread of such an illness. While these mosquitos that carry the disease are typically found in southern parts of the globe, they can make their way up north as more and more people continue to travel to these areas, then make their way back. It’s not impossible for an insect or two to hide somewhere in a traveler’s clothing or baggage.

There are ways to protect against the Zika virus, many of which are similar to protecting against other insect bites. Wearing long clothing tucked into socks is one way, as is wearing bug repellant.

Another way to protect against any mosquitos or bugs making their way inside your home is to install screens on your door and window openings. While the odds of a Zika-carrying mosquito making their way into your home are extremely small, there are always other types of insects and ticks to be wary of, including those that carry Lyme disease, a potentially fatal illness that often goes undiagnosed for months or even years.

Yet not all screens are created equal. What you need are screen doors and windows that are made to precisely fit your openings. They need to be expertly installed, and be constructed out of high-quality, long-lasting and durable mesh. They should also come with the right latches and handles to make it easy for you to open and close them as needed.

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