September 20, 2018

Upgrade Your Home with Storm Doors

Having the right storm door could be more important for your home’s comfort and protection of your entry door. Before you install a storm door, it is important to know what a storm door is, and whether a storm door is the right option for your home.

What is a storm door?

A storm door is an additional, outer door usually installed for protection against bad weather, and allows for ventilation in fair weather. Storm doors typically have retractable glass and screen panels and are available in many sizes and materials.

In warm weather, the main door can be open and the storm door will allow ventilation without letting in any pests. Storm doors are typically made with three layers: a front and back layer making up the exterior skin, and an interior layer of insulation.

What is the purpose of a storm door?

A storm door serves many purposes. During the warmer months, it allows you to open your entry door to allow additional light and increased ventilation into your home while still protecting from pests. A storm door may also may protect your main entry door from rain, ice, and snow. They also add extra insulation against air leaks.

Do I need a storm door?

When you are deciding if a storm door is right for your home, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, if your exterior door is exposed to the elements, then a storm door may be the best option to protect your door. However, if you have a well-insulated, energy-efficient exterior door, you may not need or want a storm door.

Pros of Storm Doors

  • Allows for ventilation in fair weather
  • Adds visibility option for homes with solid doors
  • Let’s in light but keeps bugs out
  • May protect your main entry door from rain, ice, and snow
  • Available in multiple options, styles, colors, etc.

Doctor Screen is Here To Help!

If you’ve decided that a storm door is the right addition to your home, Doctor Screen can help you find the right look and style to compliment your home. Contact us today to get your new storm door!