October 18, 2018

5 Reasons Why the Window Screen is Revolutionary

Window Screens are something that most of us are pretty familiar with. We see them in our homes and businesses and rarely give it a second thought. However, this simple contraption that we take for granted does contribute significantly to the quality of our lives.

Here are five reasons why the window screen is revolutionary and worth installing in every home or business.

Keeps The Bugs Out

Before window screens became popular, it was normal for bugs and other pests to go in and out of homes. In many cases, this contact, caused the infection of many potentially fatal diseases. When you install screens, you’re essentially sealing the entire home, so no bugs would be able to enter.

Can Be Easily Customized

Window screens can be easily customized to fit in any home. Not only can they be sized to fit your windows, but we also have a variety of screen types to choose from. You can enjoy your view with retractable screens and even install pet screen for your furry friends.

Form of Security

Window screens also act as another protective security barrier. Even though some types of window screens can easily be cut, window screening material such as stainless-steel screens, pet screens, and security screens, are made to be tough and withstand immense wear and tear. By installing window screens, you’re able to have that added layer of protection.

They Save You Money

Window screens will save you money because they provide many energy efficiency benefits. Screens allow you to open your windows and receive fresh air and, as a result, you don’t need to run your air conditioner. Screens can even act as a barrier, keeping temperature-controlled air in and outside air where it belongs.

Protects Your Windows

Depending on where you live, extreme weather such as high winds, storms, hail, and other elements can easily damage and break your windows. Screens act as barrier to protect your windows from any items that may cause damage.

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits that the window screens have to offer? Contact Doctor Screen today! We offer high-quality and affordable window screening options that you can’t find anywhere else.