July 2, 2016

Tips to Creating the Perfect Man Cave

The “man cave,” which is typically considered the one room in the home where the man of the house can do as he pleases, is one that is highly coveted among the men in the home. It’s a place of retreat, and a space where friends can gather and do whatever it is that men like to do in each other’s company!

The man cave can be created in a number of places. It can be a specific designated room in a home, a loft area, or even a completely separate entity from the actual home. Wherever it happens to be located, there are a few things that this space needs in order to keep everyone comfortable and enjoying time away from the wife and kids.

Entertainment Unit

No man cave is complete without an entertainment system. From the big-screen TV, to the speakers, to the stereo system, the perfect space for men and their buddies will have everything they need to enjoy the big game in crystal clear LCD and surround sound!


When entertaining your buddies, you should consider incorporating a convenient bar area that comes equipped with comfy bar stools, a sink, and of course, a slew of your favourite alcoholic beverages. If you’ve got space for a fridge, that would also be a convenient component to incorporate! And make sure the bar area allows clear view of the TV.

Seating Area

Aside from the bar stools, your man cave should also feature a few cushy chairs and a sofa so you can kick back and relax while catching up with your buddies and watching a game.

A Game Station

Whether you like to play pool, billiards, or poker, you should incorporate an area that caters to this. It’ll make your man cave the absolute ultimate in entertainment!

Proper Ventilation

While you don’t want to freeze in the winter, you also don’t want to be cooped up in the summer. The perfect way to ventilate the space and allow you to still maintain a connection to the outdoors is to install screen doors and windows to your man cave. This will allow you to bring some fresh air in while keeping the bugs out in the summer. If you need some help in this department, Doctor Screen is available to help out.

At Doctor Screen, we bring our mobile service right to you. We’ll measure and create the perfect-fitting screens for your doors and windows to top off the perfect man cave!

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