July 2, 2016

Keep Those Pesky Pigeons Out With Pigeon Mesh

Imagine chilling out on your balcony, enjoying some quiet time on your own or sharing the company of others. Then all of a sudden, you’re swarmed by pigeons, all of whom may want to peck at you food or leave their excrement behind. This can completely ruin the solace that you seek on your balcony.

But there are ways to counter this annoyance: with pigeon mesh.

When it comes to balconies and other outdoor spaces like these, the best solution to keep pigeons out is to install pigeon netting. This is a highly effective way to keep these birds off your balcony while still enjoying the view and the fresh outdoor air.

We at Doctor Screen have been working with homeowners, property managements, and developers for years to come up with solutions for keeping pigeons off their properties’ balconies. This can be done with little or no impact on the structure and look of the building or home. Homeowners and tenants can benefit from this and have the peace of mind knowing that their mesh is safe and effective when installed by Doctor Screen.

Many landlords and homeowners are understandably picky about what’s installed on their homes and buildings, and are concerned about possible issues that may come with this installation. However, they may also not consider the damage caused by bird droppings can cause on balcony surfaces and even on the building structure.

After all, balconies are totally unusable when they are filled with pigeon excrement. With the proper installation of pigeon netting, this problem can be effectively resolved.

Proper installation of bird mesh conducted by Doctor Screen includes making sure that the balcony floor’s waterproof coating stays intact, and will not be penetrated. If penetration does occur, it will be treated accordingly. The mounting hardware used is sure to retain longevity, and the square netting is small enough to deter the birds while large enough not to interfere with your visibility.

We use high-quality polyethylene, knotted netting. We can assure you that at Doctor Screen, our bird mesh installation jobs are top-notch, and structurally safe to provide you with the right solution.

Call us at Doctor screen today to help you effectively keep pigeons off your balcony!