September 30, 2016

There’s a Shortage of “Screen” Doctors Across Canada!


What goes into a sound, well-constructed, comfortable home? Plenty of things, of course. From the exterior walls, to the HVAC system, and everything in between, plenty of factors go into making a home safe and cozy for its habitants.

But one particular component that warrants mentioning is the screen doors and windows. Imagine wanting to open your home’s interior to the outdoors to let some fresh air in and to hear the birds chirping. While that’s great, it’s only a matter of time before insects and pests start making their way in. Right now, bees are wreaking havoc, and mosquitoes are still around. The last thing you want is for your home’s interior to be infested with these nuisances.

You can still enjoy the outdoor and without allowing all these critters in at the same time. Screen doors and windows give you the best of both worlds. By installing your window and door openings with screens, you can still benefit from the outdoors while keeping unwanted guests out.

But where exactly can you go to make sure the right screens are outfitted for your home? Who can you count on to have your screens custom sized and fitted for your home’s exterior openings?

Doctor Screen, of course!

Consider us your “screen doctors” who make house calls for repairs, replacements, and installations!

But wait! As convenient and innovative as our services are, there’s currently a shortage of doctors! Even though we at Doctor Screen have distributors in major centres like Toronto and Vancouver, we have a shortage in other major cities like Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg Manitoba; Montreal; Quebec, Halifax; Nova Scotia, and so forth.

Who needs our services? Plenty of people, including:

▪ Home or Cottage Owners
▪ Condominium Corporations
▪ School Boards
▪ Apartment Building Owners
▪ Property Managers
▪ Nursing Homes
▪ Office Buildings
▪ Day Care Facilities

These people urgently need our services, but if there’s no “doctor” in town, who can they depend on for all of their screen door and window repairs and installations?

Are you looking for a career change? How about a side job to supplement your income? Being a distributor with Doctor Screen comes with a host of benefits. It’s a rewarding job – after all, you’re helping countless people with screen repairs and installations that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to find at their local hardware store.

Consider becoming a distributor with Doctor Screen today, and start your path on a lucrative career!