September 30, 2016

Fall/Winter – A Great Time to Repair Your Screen Doors and Windows


The summer has gone, and the colder months of the fall and winter are upon us. While it’s not quite yet cold enough to completely shut your home off to the outdoors, it may be an ideal time right now to get your screen doors and windows prepped for the upcoming seasons, and even get them ready for when spring arrives early next year!

If your screens are dirty or in rough shape, now is the time to bring them back up to par. That way, as soon as spring rolls around, all you need to do is open your windows and doors to the glorious outside and let the fresh air in!

Throughout the summer, pollen has been running rampant. Take a close look at your screen doors and windows and you’ll probably notice a build up of all sorts of debris, including pollen. Not only is this an allergen that can wreak havoc on your or a family member’s allergies, it can also compromise the integrity of the screens themselves. If your screens have developed a buildup of pollen, now is the time to clean them before the winter hits.

It will be a lot easier to tackle this issue now before you seal up our home in the winter rather than to have to handle this situation in the spring At that point, all you’ll want to do is simply open your doors and windows and let the warmer air and sunshine in, instead of having to deal with a major cleanup. Do yourself a favour and deal with this situation now so your spring clean up is a lot easier.

If the problem is minor, a simple damp cloth run over the surface of your screens should do the trick. If the build up is a lot more severe, you might want to consider completely removing the screens and washing them thoroughly.

Use this opportunity to also visually inspect the screens for any signs of wear or damage. If you do notice any damage that requires repair, your best bet is to call in the screen door and window doctors – Doctor Screen!

With our mobile services, we will pay your home a visit and make all necessary repairs right on site, With our innovative mobile screening trailers, we’ve got all the equipment necessary to bring you screens back up to snuff right on your property, so there’s never any need to haul your screens anywhere yourself. Just give us a call and we’ll be there!

The Doctor is in, and is taking house calls! Get in touch with Doctor Screen today for all of your screen window and door repair and installation needs!

Oh, and don’t forget – all service calls booked receive a pre-loaded Tim Horton’s gift card!