April 13, 2018

Take Your Garage to the Next Level

When is a garage more than a garage? When you add a garage door screen to make the room more functional.

You may think that garage doors are simply just garage doors but, when you add a garage door screen, you make it more functional.

Today, the garage has become a versatile part of any house.

  • Most commonly it is used to store cars, but garages have come to meet a broad number of other functions over the years.
  • Many garages serve as workshops, where cars can be built and modified.
  • Many DIY projects that involve woodworking, electrical, or painting can take place in the garage.
  • Some garages have been modified into social rooms with activities like darts and pool, while others have been converted into living spaces.

Types of Garage Door Screens

A sliding screen door: These are simple to use, you just slide your screen to the side when you’re leaving. You can even install a remote control sliding screen.

Retractable garage door screens: A retractable garage screen door sits at the header on the garage door. A remote control is used to open and close the screen. Retractable screen doors come in many different color choices so it can match your style.

Roll up screen door: This type of door attaches to the header and door jambs with hook. A zipper can be used when entering and exiting the garage. The screen can also be rolled up when not in use.

Garage Screen Door Benefits

  • A garage screen door creates an ideal space for projects, socializing, or just relaxing.
  • These screens can act as a shield against pollen, leaves, and blowing debris.
  • The screen door will keep annoying insects out, while allowing a breeze of cool air to flow in and circulate throughout the garage.

One of the best things about garage screen doors is their ability to transform a space once that was once barely used into a more usable room in the house. With a screen in place, you turn your garage into the perfect man cave.

Using a screen to turn your garage into a functional space is like adding an extra room to your home without having to do any remodeling. So, if you want to upgrade your garage to the next level, contact Doctor Screen. We can install the perfect garage screen door for you!