March 24, 2017

How to Reuse Your Old Window Frames for Home Décor

window frames

Screen doors and windows add a great deal of functionality and convenience in a home. But like any other component, they will eventually need to be replaced at some point as they age and are no longer serving their purpose.

If you’ve recently installed new windows and screens in your home, or are planning to do so at some point in the near future, don’t throw those old window frames out just yet! They certainly don’t need to be tossed in the trash, and can instead be put towards stylish DIY decor projects for your home!

Here are some ideas to use your old window frames to spice up the decor in your home.

Wall Art: Old window frames provide the perfect item to showcase original pieces of art, or even your wallpaper! Paint and reface the frame to your desire and hang it wherever you deem necessary to highlight certain pieces on your wall and even add some depth to the area.

Picture Frame: After you’ve installed brand new windows in your home, use that old frame as a picture frame. Refinish it as you please, then frame your favourite photos or even a collage of images to create a unique piece that you can be proud to show off.

Pot Rack: Pot racks are the perfect way to store your pots and pans if you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen. Simply screw in some hooks into the old window frame to hold your pots and pans in place, then attach it to the ceiling in your kitchen, either over the island, stove, or anywhere else that will be convenient for you.

Mini Greenhouse: You can easily house your favourite herb or vegetable garden by creating a mini greenhouse that you can keep indoors or out. Reusing your old window frames can help you create a small greenhouse that will help keep your veggies off the ground, portable, and protected from pests.

Memo Board: Many households have cork boards or white boards that serve as ideal spots to post reminders or grocery lists. You can make your own with an old window frame and some chalkboard for a modern, convenient memo board that the whole family will love.

Mirrors: In addition to framing photos and art work, old window frames can also be used to frame mirrors.

Replace Your Old Windows and Screens Before Summer Arrives!

If your home is outfitted with old screen windows and doors, it may be time for a refresher. Not only will newly installed window and door screens improve your home’s esthetics, they’ll also work better at trapping debris and pests while allowing you to enjoy the warm outdoor air from the inside.

At Doctor Screen, we make the process as easy as possible thanks to our mobile screening trailers which bring the work right to your front door. In no time, you’ll have meticulously measured, high-quality window and door screens ready to be installed by the professionals, getting your home ready for the warmer summer weather that’s to come!

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