January 27, 2017

Why Install a Retractable Screen Door with Doctor Screen vs. a Local Supplier?

Retractable Screen Door

Everyone is familiar with screen doors, whether they slide in and out or are part of a swinging storm door. But have you heard of “retractable” screen doors? Rather than sliding or swinging in and out of place, they retract completely out of sight when not in use!

Why would you consider a retractable screen door?

Homes with only single doorways can’t accommodate the traditional double sliding screen doors. Retractable screens solve this problem by only requiring a single entryway. They roll or fold into a compact housing and are designed not to interfere with the function of your regular door. The only thing you see is the door screen when it’s being used.

The retractable screen can easily extend from its housing and is kept in place with a magnetic latch. The screen door easily retracts thanks to a spring-loaded tube that is built right into the unit housing.

Homeowners who have a retractable screen door installed in their homes love the idea of not having their view of the outdoors obstructed.

Roll-Away Vs. Fold-Away

Roll-Away models allow the screen to roll out of the way and into its housing, while Fold-Away models allow the screen to neatly fold out of sight and into its housing.

Both models are highly convenient and provide you with a simple way to enjoy the conveniences of an almost hidden screen door whether you have a double door entrance or single door opening in your home.

Why Choose Doctor Screen?

While some local suppliers may offer retractable screen services, they simply do not compare to the products and services offered by your local Doctor Screen distributor.

The difference between our installation services versus that of a local supplier is that our retractable screens are seamless with no middle bar. This provides a much more aesthetically pleasing, clear view. In addition, our retractable screens are also seamless on the floor with no edging. Not only does this create a cleaner look, it also means one less obstacle in the way when entering and exiting your home.

Get your home ready for spring that’s quickly approaching and install a retractable screen door. Give your local Doctor Screen distributor a call today!