January 27, 2017

Give Your Pets Easy Access to the Outdoors with an Opening on Your Screen Door

Pets Screen Door

As the weather starts getting warm enough to start enjoying the outdoors again, nobody wants to be confined to the indoors – and that includes your pets. You can give your pet the opportunity to play in your backyard and easily go in and out.

This can easily be done by installing an opening on your screen door. These access points not only provide a convenient way for pets to go back and forth from the inside to the outside, they also help to keep out unwanted guests. Strong magnets can be installed that close the opening after your pet passes through.

The openings allow pets to enter and exit the home easily at any time without having to scratch or bang on the door to get your attention. Instead, they can simply make their way outside.

Cats love their independence, and dogs love (and need) to move around freely. Giving them easy access outside with the installation of an opening on your screen door can provide them with the freedom needed to enjoy the outdoors. If your home’s outdoor space is safe and secure, installing an opening on your screen door can offer your dog or cat the freedom, exercise, and stimulation that they need and crave.

The size of the opening that you ultimately decide on will depend on a few factors, most importantly the size of your pet. Ideally, the opening should be about 5cm wider than the widest part of your pet, and 5cm taller than the length of your pet from the shoulders to the chest to allow for comfortable passage through the opening.

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Before the warmer weather arrives, start planning the installation of an opening on your screen door. At Doctor Screen, we’ll bring our mobile screening trailer right to your front door and bring all our innovative tools and equipment right along with it. In no time, you’ll have a screen door outfitted with the perfect opening for your pet to start enjoying the outdoors while keeping critters out.

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