August 5, 2020

Popular Window Screens for your Home

This beautiful summer weather is definitely a tempting all homeowners to open up and let some fresh air into their homes! However, without the right window screens, you risk letting in insects, inclement weather, debris and harmful UV rays. A durable, stylish and suitable window screen can make all the difference to the comfort and value of your home.

With so much selection available, it can be difficult to determine which screen is exceptional for your home. That’s why we put together some helpful tips! Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular window screens in the industry.

Fiberglass Window Screens

Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials homeowners choose for their window screen. The screen is known for being extremely durable and cost-effective. It’s a versatile material and extremely low maintenance as it doesn’t corrode, rust or stain.

Fiberglass Retractable Window Screens

As we know, the purpose of a window screen is to keep all outdoor elements outside. However, sometimes you may want more sun or an unobstructed view to enjoy the beautiful day while you’re stuck inside your home. Retractable window screens provide the option of protection with the freedom to take the screen off if desired.

Retractable window screens are available in several materials such as solar and insect screens.

A recognizable benefit of retractable window screens is that they last longer than other typical window screens since they’re more often protected from wear and tear when they’re rolled up.

Solar Screening

The solar or “sun” screen is frequently used for windows, alongside patio, porch and pool enclosures. Consider installing a solar screen on windows that attract a lot of sun and harmful UV Rays. This tightly woven material can act as protection from the sun and offer dramatic energy savings that will reduce your need for air conditioning and protect your furniture and carpeting from fading.

Pet Screens

Does your furry friend scratch your window screen? If so, then consider investing in a heavy-duty, vinyl coated polyester screen. This material is extremely durable in comparison to others. Plus, when you install a pet screen, it will definitely help you avoid additional maintenance and expenses caused by wear and tear.

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