August 26, 2020

Benefits of Casement Windows

It’s the time of year where the weather starts to cool down, the air conditioning gets turned off, and windows stay open to let the crisp air into our homes. Not only do we want to feel the fresh air, but we want to see the leaves on the trees change colour clearly through our windows. Then, as the winter weather comes, we wouldn’t want cold air or snow to get through the window or screen. That is why casement windows are extremely versatile in all seasons.

Casement windows are flat pieces of glass with hinges on the one side, allowing the window to open horizontally with a manual crank. Most other replacement windows are double panelled and open vertically. Casement windows are usually paired with a fiberglass screen to protect from insects and debris that would usually enter your home. Screens are beneficial for these types of windows because of the large amount of space they leave when left open.

Want to know more about these unique and multifaceted windows? Well, we’ve got you covered! Below you can find the many incredible benefits of casement windows and their screens.

Exceptional Ventilation

Casement windows are one of the only replacement windows that allows you to open the entire window, resulting in superior ventilation. They are perfect for people who love natural breezes throughout their homes and even ventilate living spaces where not much air passes. That is due to the open horizontal sash, which funnels fresh air directly into one’s home. A screen is highly recommended for casement windows so you can feel like you have a summer home by the water, just without all the pesky bugs!

Clear Views

One of the main functions of a window is to gaze through them at the scenic outdoors, especially if you have a beautiful view. Casement windows grant access to a clear view without any interference, such as muntins, which are vertical dividers that are common in most conventional windows. People can then have a non-obstructed view of the outdoors and feel more connected to nature. Even with a screen, you can see better than if you had a regular window with lines and obstructions. With a screen on your casement window, you can enjoy the view without running around trying to kill that bug that got into the house!

High-Level Security

It’s important to feel out of harm’s way in your own living space. Casement windows are extremely safe due to their durable design. All four sides close tightly into the sash and are fastened with multiple hook-shaped locks, leaving no space for intruders to pry windows open. Your screen then stays protected from getting removed improperly, cut, torn, or ripped as well. So, if you want to sleep soundly at night and not worry about anyone breaking in or ruining your screen, then casement windows are a good choice.

Weather Resistant

Due to these hook-shaped locks and tight seals, casement windows keep cold air from passing through and block rain and snow from entering. That allows homeowners to stay warm when needed and not worry about damages to their windows or screens caused by pour weather conditions. 

Multiple Design Choices

It can be tough to find a window with a screen that suits a wide variety of homes and preferences. However, casement windows come in multiple different styles to suit many different needs. This benefit is an important one for people who like to add a little pizazz into their homes while reaping the many other benefits mentioned. What’s better than a window and screen that is both functional and stylish?

After reading all these benefits, you can now understand why a casement window would be a great option. Not only are they great for letting warm air in with no insects or debris, but they are equally good at keeping cold air out. They look great in your home and allow you to bask in the beauty of the outdoors without any obstruction or annoying bugs. Lastly, you can feel as safe as possible when sleeping at night, knowing you and your screen are protected!

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