November 7, 2016

Patio Screen Enclosures Add Valuable Living Space to Your Home

patio screen

Patio screen enclosures are a lot more than an addition to your home: they’re essentially an addition to your lifestyle and can add a lot more valuable living space. These specialized enclosures allow you and your family to enjoy plenty of outdoor space, no matter the season we are in!

Doctor Screen can help you enhance your home or cottage and have your patio enclosure designed and installed professionally and in a time-efficient manner. Our screen enclosures can provide your home with an outside area for entertaining, or simply for some quiet lounging.

If you want to turn your patio into an extension of your home’s living area, there are lots of options available to you. With a wide array of products and services, Doctor Screen can turn your visions into reality. Whether you’re looking for a full screen enclosure or a screened-in patio, we can help provide you with a much more enjoyable living space!

Why consider installing a patio screen enclosure to your home?
✓ Keep unwanted critters like mosquitoes, house flies, wasps, and bees out
✓ Protect your patio – and everyone on it
✓ Increase the living space of your home

Whether it’s for your home or cottage, patio screen enclosures can provide you with the invaluable benefit of enjoying the outdoors more conveniently. Every screen enclosure from Doctor Screen is custom designed to complement your home or cottage.

Why Choose Doctor Screen?

At Doctor Screen, our custom-made patio screen enclosures are designed and engineered to withstand harsh climates of our Canadian winters. Our screen and the associated frames are durable and made of high quality materials, offering you the convenience of screens without the nuisance of having to heavily maintain them. Our low-maintenance screens will certainly provide you with years of enjoyment to your home. From start to finish, Doctor Screen provides the best designs and quality construction in the industry.

Whether your main requirement is insect protection, sun shade, or preventing debris from getting into your home, Doctor Screen has the experience, expertise, products, and tactics to help.

Contact Doctor Screen today for a customized on-site consultation to help you visualize the concept of your new patio screen enclosure.