November 7, 2016

Benefits of a Screen Storm Door For Your Home

storm door

If you’re looking for a way to keep bugs out, or let more day light in and still keep your doors open, a storm door may be the ideal choice. There are plenty of benefits that come along when installing a storm door to your home, including the following:

Better Security

Storm doors are not only designed to keep bugs and debris out they also offer a level of security. When choosing a storm door for the purpose of security, ensure that the product you choose has the following traits:

Durable frame – A secure storm door with a strong metal frame will provide your home – with much more protection against home invasions or break-ins. They will also be longer-lasting compared to frames built out of plastic.

Stainless steel screens – Screen doors are often made out of vinyl, but you may want to opt for stainless steel screens. The stronger the material, the stronger your storm door.

Locks – A lock is an essential component to any screen or storm door, but when it comes security, make sure the storm door you install comes equipped with a deadbolt.

Adds Value to Your Home

There are all sorts of colours to choose from to match your home’s interior and exterior decor. This will add curb appeal to your home, and therefore add some value to your property.

Doctor Screen provides all residences and commercial buildings with screen storm door solutions. We are highly skilled and experienced, and employ the most innovative tools and techniques. Call Doctor Screen to get your home outfitted with a convenient storm door today!