February 22, 2018

Why Install Screen Doors?

storm-doorAre you looking for an inexpensive but functional addition you can add to your home? Installing a screen door on your front entrance could provide the benefits you’re looking.

Most screen doors installed on front entrances are storm doors. These are usually made of an aluminum, fiberglass or wood frame with sliding screen and glass inserts. These inserts allow you to control how your screen door functions. With the screen insert, you can ventilate your home with the screen portion exposed, or you can use the glass panel insert as an added barrier against stormy weather. By investing in a good quality screen door, like the ones from Doctor Screen, you can expect it to last several years before needing to replace it.

Below are a few reasons why installing a screen door could benefit your home

Energy Efficiency

The sliding glass panel insert adds an additional layer covering the front entrance to help reduce air leaks and increase the energy efficiency of your home all year round. This has the potential to lower your energy bills.

Enjoy Ventilation

If you’re like most people, you probably avoid opening windows that don’t have screens, and the same goes for doors. Fortunately, with a screen door, you can open the front door and allow a nice breeze to enter without letting in any bugs or debris. Also, if you have any pets, the screen door prevents them from running outside.

Added Security

When you want to open the front door to let in a cool breeze, a locked screen door in place makes your home feel more secure. Also, when you slide the glass panel over the screen and lock the storm door, it provides another barrier for your home.

Increase Value of your Home

If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, a screen door can help you do just that. These doors come in a variety of colours and designs to match your home’s exterior.

Added Barrier for the Front Door

If you want to protect the paint or prevent the door from being damaged by the weather, a screen door helps keep your front door in great condition for many years.

Call the Doctor

Need help installing a screen door? Leave the job to a Doctor Screen technician. We’re here to handle all your home screening needs. To learn more about our services, please contact Doctor Screen today. 1 (844) 723-7888