August 23, 2016

Have The Next Tim’s on The Doctor

Doctor Screen Tim's

What home-grown Canadian doesn’t love a freshly brewed cup of coffee from Tim Hortons? Whether you like a lot of cream and sugar in your coffee, or prefer to drink it straight-up black, Timmy’s coffee is the classic Canadian coffee that we’ve all grown to love.

How great would it be to enjoy a cup of Tim’s coffee on the house? At Doctor Screen, we are now offering new clients a reloadable Tim Hortons card along with a handy keychain when you book a service call or house call*! You’ll be sure to use up that card quickly – but you can always keep reloading it so you can continue to enjoy your coffee, donuts, muffins, or whatever else is your usual order!

In addition to the card itself, you’ll find the keychains extremely convenient. You can hook anything onto them, from your house keys, to your bike lock, to anything else that you need to carry around with you that accepts a hook.

At Doctor Screen, we want to make sure that the services and value that we offer our customers are bar-none. Not only do we strive to manufacture the best quality screens for your window and door openings, we also take pride in our impeccable installation services.

Not only that, but we are so happy to be able to provide the utmost in convenience through our mobile service – no longer is it necessary for you to have to trek from one home improvement store to the next in hopes of finding the right screen door or window for your home! At Doctor Screen, we bring the screens and tools needed to custom-fit and install them right to your home!

Doctor Screen really is your true one-stop shop for all of your window and door screen needs. Whether you need your current screens repaired, or need them replaced, we have everything you need right here. And with our new Tim Hortons cards and keychains now being offered to all of our new customers, we are making the experience with our company as positive as possible!

There’s simply no reason to look elsewhere for window and door screen repair, replacement and installation services. Our prices are highly competitive as well! That just puts the icing on the cake!

The Doctor is in – contact us today and we’ll be sure to make a house call to your home!

*Please note that not all distributors with Doctor Screen are participating in the Tim Hortons card and keychain offer. Be sure to inquire with you specific distributor.