August 26, 2016

Doctor Screen’s Surgical Tools

When you suffer an illness or an injury, who do you turn to? Your doctor, of course!

Well, consider Doctor Screen your home or office’s screen door and window physicians! We’ve got plenty of experience, skill and even the tools to make sure your screens are nursed back to health!

How do we tend to broken, worn out, old screens? Here are just a few of our “surgical” instruments that we have in our arsenal of tools!

Scalpel – Surgeons need their trusted scalpels to make precise incisions into their patients at the site of ailment. So does Doctor Screen! Our ‘scalpel’ comes in the form of a utility knife that we use to make razor-sharp cuts to rid the screen from its infected areas.

Clamp – Doctors use clamps to position their patients, and our vice grips perform the same type of function. When we are “operating” on a screen, we make good use of vice grips to make sure our “patients” remains still throughout the entire repair procedure.

Sutures – In the medical world, sutures are used to hold body tissues together following an injury. St Doctor Screen, we make use of our own sutures to repair ripped or broken screens so they’re as good as new once we’ve tended to them.

What Kinds of “Operations” Does Doctor Screen Perform?

At Doctor Screen, we are highly skilled at performing the following types of surgeries:

elbowBroken Ankle – Much like a human being would rupture their ankle, screen doors can become vulnerable to broken corners. This is something that Doctor Screen experts can rectify easily and quickly.

traumaBroken Arm – In the world of screen doors and windows, we’re referring to a bent screen frame. This can compromise the integrity of the screen, which is why we rush in to repair the “broken arm” and bring the screen and its frame back up to par.

ankleTrauma Patient – Anyone who suffers a life-threatening injury needs to be dealt with by a skilled physician right away. At Doctor Screen, we make emergency house calls to tend to your “trauma patient” – in this case, a screen window or door that’s been severely damaged. With our convenient mobile services, we can quickly and easily make all the repairs – and even replacements – necessary to breathe new life into your screens.

We Make House Calls!

Contact your local Doctor Screen distributor today to have your screen doors and windows repairs with great ease and professionalism!