April 26, 2016

Doctor Screen Offers Services and Parts That Can’t be Found St Your Local Hardware Store!

Among all the components of your home, the screens on your windows and doors are an important part. They serve many purposes, and can enhance the quality of life of you and your family, and even improve the value of your property.

Screens on windows and doors allow you to let the fresh outdoor air in your home without allowing all those pesky insects and bugs from ransacking your interior. They also prevent dirt and pollen from infesting your home, and can even be locked to keep unwanted guests out, and prevent small children and pets from escaping.

Screens installed on upper level floors also serve as a safety component by preventing unnecessary falls. Clearly, screens on windows and doors are necessary components to your home, but the quality of the materials used and the professionalism of their installation makes all the difference.

For the most part, local hardware stores simply don’t have the capability of offering customizable parts and sizes that most homeowners need. They also don’t have the ability to make house calls to make the necessary repairs needed on damaged screens. Instead, what homeowners require is a service like Doctor Screen, which can provide full service on-site manufactured frames and other replacement parts that are not available at most hardware stores.

At Doctor Screen, we come right to your home to assess the damage, and make the necessary recommendations about repairing or completely replacing the screens. Following that, we manufacture the screens right on site and outfit your door and window openings with the right screen types and sizes as needed. You’ll never have to make a trip to the local hardware store or any other service since we come right to you!

The Doctor is in! Contact us today to find out why countless homeowners, property managers, and landlords depend on us for all of their window and door screen repairs and replacement! Visit DoctorScreen.com today!